One year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)


One year B.Ed. Programme is designed to prepare trained teachers for teaching at secondary level of school education. Graduates and post-graduates are eligible for this programme. Teachers are professional practitioners that require subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and skills, and competence to implement the specific knowledge and skills in specific contexts of teaching. Prospective candidates with Bachelor’s Degree other than education should have gained content knowledge in different subjects such as English, Nepali, Mathematics, Science, Health, Economic, Geography, Population, History, Political Science etc. but they lack the pedagogical knowledge and skills. This programme basically focuses on pedagogical knowledge and methodological skills required to teach specific subject at secondary level.

Objective of the programme

  1. To prepare professionally qualified teachers required for the secondary schools of Nepal
  2. To develop human resources contributing to the management and supervision of school education in Nepal
  3. To provide a basis for further training in teacher education

Course Structure

The one year B.Ed. programme courses can be divided into three categories, viz. Core Courses which carry 300 full marks, Specialization Courses (English, Math, etc.) which carry 200 full marks, and Teaching Practice which carries 100 full marks. The following table shows different courses with their mark distribution.