B.Sc Microbiology Program


Microbiology is the branch of science that studies “LIFE” taking on example of microorganism such as bacteria, protozoa, algae, fungi, viruses etc. these studies integrate cytology, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, evolution, taxonomy and systematic with a focus on micro-organism. The relevance and applications of these microorganisms to the surrounding environment influencing human life and mother nature become a part of this branch. Since inception of this branch of science, microbiology has remained a field of activity research and ever expansion in all possible directions; broadly categories as pure and applied science. Different branch of pure microbiology based on taxonomy are bacteriology, Mycology, Protozoology and Parasitology, Phycology and Virology with considerable overlap between these specific branches over each other and also with other disciplines of life science, life biochemistry, Botany, Zoology, Cell biology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics etc. Area in the applied Microbial science can be identified as Medical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Air, Water, Food and Dairy, Agriculture, Veterinary, Environmental and Technological Aspects to these Area.

Knowledge of different aspects of microbiology has become crucial and indispensable to everyone in the society. Study of Microbes has become an Integral part of education and human progress. Microbiological tools have been extensively used to study different life process and cutting-edge technologists in the workforce education, Industry and research. Career Opportunity for the graduate’s students are available in manufacturing industry and research institutions at technical level.

Course Structure

Paper Code Course Title Nature of Course Marks
SCComu 101 Scientific Communication Theory 50
Chem 101 General Chemistry Theory 100
Chem 102 General Chemistry Practical 50
Zool 101 Zoology Theory 100
Zool 102 Zoology Practical 50
MB 101 General Microbiology Theory 100
MB 102 General Microbiology Practical 50
Paper Code Course Title Nature of Course Marks
MB 201 Biochemistry and Microbial Biotechnology Theory 100
MB 202 Biochemistry and Microbial Biotechnology Practical 50
Zool 201 Chordata, Comparative Anatomy & Evolution Theory 100
Zool 202 Chordata, Comparative Anatomy & Evolution Practical 50
Chem 201 Basic Chemistry II Theory 100
Chem 202 Basic Chemistry II Practical 50
Appd Stat 201 Applied Statistics Theory 100
Paper Code Course Title Nature of Course Marks
MB 301 Molecular Cell Biology Theory 100
MB 302 Molecular Cell Biology Practical 50
MB 303 Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Quality Management (Elective) OR Theory 50
MB 304 Bioinformatics (Elective) Theory 50
Chem 301 General Chemistry Theory 100
Chem 302 General Chemistry Practical 50
Chem 303 Basic Biochemistry (Elective) OR Theory 50
Chem 304 Analytical Biochemistry Theory 50
RM 305 Research Methodology Theory 100
Paper Code Course Title Nature of Course Marks
MB 401 Agriculture and Food Microbiology Theory 100
MB 402 Agriculture and Food Microbiology Practical 50
MB 403 Medical Public Health Microbiology Theory 100
MB 404 Medical Public Health Microbiology Practical 50
MB 405 Methods in Microbiology (Elective) OR Theory 100
MB 406 Project Writing and Presentation (Elective) Project Work 100
MB 407 Bio-instrumentation Theory 50
MB 408 Computational Course Theory 50